Pastry & Sweet Things cooking classes at L'atelier des ChefsL'atelier des Chefs

L'atelier des Chefs is the UK's most popular cookery school where you can learn how to make range of dishes with the helpful guidance of experienced chefs.

Located in Oxford Circus and St Pauls, you can learn how to create delicious pastries. Making pastries isn't always the easiest thing in the world, especially if you're starting from a cookbook which can't properly convey information about key aspects such as texture as you go. These classes last an intense and fulfilling two hours; enough time for their Chefs to give you key tips and tricks to roll, knead and prove your way out of the trickiest baking situations - and produce some pretty tasty treats along the way! They'll have you whipping up wonderful tarts, patisseries and biscuits in next to no time. 

This is a fantastic  opportunity to work with high quality ingredients, while boosting your culinary confidence! 

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    Two hour cooking lessons take place in both London venues and cover a wide variety of class themes sure to boost your culinary confidence


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    Per Person  £78.00

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Per Person£78.00
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