Review: Flower Fairies Afternoon Tea Park Room at Grosvenor House

by Nadia Ismail

As you step into the elegant tea room at Grosvenor House, you’re immediately enveloped in the enchanting ambiance. A themed installation greets you at the entrance, adorned with delicate flowers and fairy-inspired decor that transports you into the whimsical universe of Cicely Mary Barker’s beloved Flower Fairies. The air is filled with anticipation, and the soft melodies of a live pianist set the tone for a refined afternoon.

Before the tea even arrives, there’s a delightful twist—a frozen amuse-bouche that awakens your taste buds. Imagine a miniature ice sculpture box, filled with Fresh English Sparking Wine granita - a frosty enchantment. There is also a refreshing fruit option for those who do not consume alcohol. 

Before the three-tiered stand arrives, delicate savoury canapés are served from a silver tray. Each bite is a miniature work of art, consisting of Foreman’s smoked Scottish salmon, cream cheese and St Ewe’s egg, mayonnaise with chive.

And then, the pièce de résistance—the grand reveal of the traditional Afternoon Tea stand. The bottom tier holds an assortment of finger sandwiches, elegantly crafted with cucumber, North Atlantic cold-water prawn, and Roast Aberdeen Angus beef. 

Here’s where the experience takes a delightful turn. Instead of the usual jams, you’re invited to select your own accompaniment. Picture this: a charming array of house-made jams, from tangy goosberry to fragrant rhubarb and ginger. I opted for the rose petals, which was perfectly floral and complimented the theme beautifully. 

The scones, warm and crumbly, are accompanied by clotted cream and that carefully chosen jam — the quintessential tea companions.

But it’s the top tier that steals the show. Here lie the cakes, adorned with edible flowers and delicate petals. Each one tells a story bringing make-believe to life. These cakes are not mere desserts; they’re edible art. From the fairies of the Trees and Gardens, Spring and Winter, each pastry pays homage to the enchanting narrative of the Flower Fairies.

The Apple Blossom Bliss was a light apple tea mousse with green apple compote, and the Toadstood was filled with a rich brownie topped with a creamy milk chocolate and raspberry ganache. My favourite was the Enchanted Chapter - turning back the pages and celebrating 101 years of the Flower Fairies with a vanilla and hazelnut sponge layer with whipped hazelnut cream. 

The Lavender Fairy herself was a white chocolate shell filled with a lemon soaked cake and blackberry essence - as delicious as she is beautiful!

As the tea draws to a close, you’re presented with a lovely surprise. You get to take home the menu—a cherished souvenir of your Flower Fairies adventure. But that’s not all. They wrap up your experience with a generous slice of Victoria sponge and a decadent chocolate cake. It’s like a fairy godmother’s parting gift.

In the heart of Mayfair, surrounded by elegance and beauty, the Flower Fairies Afternoon Tea at Grosvenor House is more than a meal—it’s a whimsical escape, a celebration of nature, and a memory to treasure

Flower Fairies Afternoon Tea Park Room at Grosvenor House starts at £70 per person. Click here for more information and to book. 

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Nadia Ismail

Nadia is a Londoner and dessert advocate. Passionate about showcasing the beauty within food and the memories they can evoke, she shares her sweet adventures on her Instagram page @southbankfoodie

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