Review: B Grinchmas Afternoon Tea Bus Tour

by Nadia Ismail

Due to immense demand, The B Afternoon Tea Bus Tour have returned their Grinchmas Afternoon Tea Bus Tour of London. The experience is a whimsical escapade that brings Dr. Seuss's beloved character to life against the iconic backdrop of the city of London. Stepping aboard the festively adorned bus, passengers are immediately immersed in the Grinch's mischievous world, surrounded by vibrant green hues and charming decorations that set the stage for a unique festive adventure.

The menu cleverly incorporates Grinch-inspired elements, adding a playful twist to traditional Afternoon Tea fare. From Grinch-heart shaped biscuits to Grinch-green scones, every detail contributes to the festive atmosphere and enhances the overall experience.

The attention to detail is apparent throughout: upon the furry green seats are blankets ensuring you’re comfortable throughout the duration of the trip. The two-tiered stand is already served upon arrival, perfect for younger diners who can’t wait to tuck in! Upon your napkin lays a candy cane, and drinks are served in Grinch flasks that you get to keep as a souvenir of your visit.

The savoury selection upon the lower tier includes two freshly prepared traditional sandwiches – one festive Turkey & Cheese Finger Sandwich, the other a Cream Cheese & Cucumber Finger Sandwich. The Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese is served in a Seeded Pretzel Bun and there are two savoury canapes making the selection deliciously different: ‘Max’s Favourite’ Spinach Quiche was also my favourite but the Feta, Tomato & Red Pepper Savoury Muffin was also a welcomed addition.

The uniquely fun part of the Grinch Afternoon Tea Bus Tour, however, hinges on the execution of Grinch-themed activities and entertainment throughout the journey. Engaging tour guides with interactive singing or quirky gimmicks by Grinch characters elevate the tour from a delightful tea experience to a truly memorable and immersive event.

When you’re ready, the ‘residents of Who-Ville’ serve up warm green Grinch-scones, accompanied by mini jam and clotted cream pots. Starting a debate on which should go first, I happily smothered the cream first into my warm scone, whilst it melted into the green interior. The addition of the red strawberry jam made it incredibly festive!

Beyond the delicious delights and thematic decorations, the tour also provides an opportunity to explore London's iconic landmarks with detailed information given throughout. The juxtaposition of the green Grinch's mischief against the city's historic backdrop adds an extra layer of charm to the experience.

The assortment of mini–Homemade Cakes & Tarts are adorned with festive sprinkles and chocolate shapes. The ‘I Hate Xmas’ Chocolate Cupcake is rich and chocolatey with a creamy frosting. Mini ‘Mt. Crumpit’ Fig Choux was my personal favourite and the ‘Sweet as Cindy-Lou Who’ Cheery & Chocolate Tart has fantastic festive flavours. Finally, the ‘Frozen Heart’ Shortbread Cookie reminded my son of the film – where the Grinch’s heart grows three times in size!

The Grinch Afternoon Tea Bus Tour of London offers a delightful blend of holiday cheer, culinary indulgence, and whimsical entertainment. It successfully transforms a typical Afternoon Tea into a festive adventure. For those seeking a unique and delicious way to celebrate the season, this tour is sure to bring a touch of Dr. Seuss magic to the heart of London.

B Grinchmas Afternoon Tea Bus Tour starts at £60 per person. Click here for more information and to book. They also run Afternoon Tea bus tours all year round in a number of themes. For more details click here.

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Nadia Ismail

Nadia is a Londoner and dessert advocate. Passionate about showcasing the beauty within food and the memories they can evoke, she shares her sweet adventures on her Instagram page @southbankfoodie

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