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Afternoon Tea Awards 2024 - 'Award of Excellence'

An exciting and educational experience available to The Milestone Hotel and Residences guests for 2024. A fascinating and educational walking tour that explores London’s lost tea history. The journey takes participants through significant locations associated with the city’s role in the global tea trade, offering a unique perspective on how an island nation became a central player in the tea industry.

Starting at Leadenhall Market in the City of London, the tour delves into the origin of the East India Company and its early involvement in the tea trade with China. Highlights the historical significance of the market and its role in London’s commercial trading activities, which predates the EIC back to Roman times.

Progressing to Mincing Lane, once home to the largest tea auction in the world, the tour discusses the area’s past, including the suspension of auctions during wartime. Explores modern-day symbols that connect to the historical tea trade.

Passing by the historic Tower of London and heading towards the River Thames and Tower Bridge, the tour provides insights into London’s connection with the tea industry. The journey includes a visit to St Katherine’s Dock, once the largest tea dock and warehousing operation globally.

Guests reach one of London’s three Tea plaques, commemorating the city’s lost tea history. These plaques serve as a reminder of the significant role London played in the global tea trade.

Guests enjoy a black cab transfer to The Milestone Hotel and Residences providing a convenient and authentic London experience. Upon arrival guests enjoy a guided Afternoon Tea experience that includes tea recommendations, pairings, and stories related to the people and places associated with the featured teas.

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The London Tea Walk is available upon enquiry - please do let us know your preferred date(s) and we will do our best to accommodate. Minimum group of two people

London Tea Walk


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