The Afternoon Tea Menu

There are no set rules about the content of a traditional Afternoon Tea menu, but it usually consists of sandwiches and a variety of sweet items.

A typical menu might read:

Traditional Afternoon Tea Menu

A selection of freshly prepared finger sandwiches

Warm scones with clotted cream and preserves

A variety of home made cakes and pastries

Your choice from a range of teas

What types of sandwiches are served with Afternoon Tea?

The classic selection of sandwiches served with Afternoon Tea includes:

  • Cucumber;
  • Egg mayonnaise with cress;
  • Smoked salmon with cream cheese;
  • Coronation chicken;
  • Ham and mustard.

What is a Cream Tea?

A 'Cream Tea' is generally scones, clotted cream and preserve served with a pot of tea.

What is Champagne Afternoon Tea?

Many hotels also offer set menus that include a glass of Champagne with the Traditional Afternoon Tea, or the option to add a glass of Champagne for an additional charge.

What types of tea are served?

The range of teas on offer can vary from half a dozen to over a hundred, including some very rare and obscure ones. Some of the common teas on offer will include the following:


A strong full-bodied tea from India, which has a distinctive, 'malty' flavour.


An aromatic and astringent tea from India, with a hint of almonds and wildflowers.

Earl Grey

A blend of black teas scented with oil of bergamot named after Charles, 2nd Earl Grey, who was Prime Minister from 1830 to 1834.

Lapsang Souchong

A Chinese tea fired over smoking pine needles, which produces a striking smoky odour and flavour.

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